Chembra Peak Trek- A Journey To The Heart Shaped Lake


Main attractions
Heart shaped lake,Tea gardens,Watch tower,Amazing scenic views

Trek starting point
Chembra peak foothill

Trek difficulty Level
Moderate(inclined climb,Rocky trekking trail)

Trek distance
4.5Km (one side)

Required,Can be obtained on the spot from the forest office at the foothills of chembra

Trekking fees
700 Rs for a group of ten people(Accompanied by a guide)+100Rs for camera

Not allowed

The best thing about the place is that the localities are concerned of the cleanliness.So do not smoke,drink and must keep the plastics away

Why does my mind circle around you? That’s a stupid question. Mind is an object intended to change, but philosophers went nuts over the matter definitively. I’d rather free my thoughts flaunting around the humming lights that I see. I believe that every objects is created to fulfill a purpose. For those you will recognize, The Enunciation of Truth. Yes, I see everything around me as an object, because I’m an Artist. I don’t draw over a canvas with regret. I don’t write for reason, I write to Transcend. Why does my mind circle around you? It does. My mind swirls about the idea of Survival. Exploration, for a reason. I realize that I’m not part of a machine, The World. I understand the idea of Promises. Soft Wild Promises, I believe myself.

The next trip was to Chembra, Wayanad. The place is a mist covered beauty.
Its home for one of the best tea in Asia. The weather is slightly cold, but for those who enjoy the view, would forget the chill. The best thing I experienced was that, no matter how much we walk, we weren’t tired at all.
We went to Kalpetta first on the first day of the two day trip. We boarded the Kalpetta bus which was destined to Thirunelli. Kalpetta, to be honest is very cold. When I got off the bus after a cozy sleep, I felt the chill crawling my legs. It was damn cold. I had to wear a pair of pants over my shorts, and a sweater was mere helping. We slept in the cold in a bus stop nearby. We halted there in Kalpetta for the day. It was a cheap accommodation, but the price of the food would burn a hole in your pockets. The very next morning we boarded a bus to Meppadi which is 15 KM from Kalpetta. The place not much developed. But we weren’t interested in that much. The Chembra Trekking Starting point is just 6 KM away from Meppadi. We walked as fast as possible.

The place is covered with tea, nice view too. At the Starting point, The authority was seated in a small room just at a watchable distance from the gate. The fee was remitted and we were told about the time taken to reach the point and back, also some safety precautions. The fee was 700/- and its worth the money. We started our exciting trek to the Chembra peak Heart lake, which is 4.5 KM from the starting point.

But the trek wasn’t easy, it was an inclined climb and it took us about an hour to actually reach the bottom of the peak. The downside of Chembra peak is that people can reach 3/4th of the peak using a vehicle.

We found it boring and walked. We were watched by every passerby. At the entrance of the peak we bought fruits, took some photos. Then we were to surrender any plastic related items as its a plastic free zone. The best thing about the place is that the localities were concerned of the cleanliness, which is a perfect example of mutual understanding. We walked past a watch tower. And the climb was not easy, it was fun though to find out ways to climb because of the soil being loose.

We heard people scoffing about the lake, that it wasn’t worth the climb. But I thought “ It is not what you see up there, what matters is how we reach there.” Whatever the view be, when we reach the destination with much difficulty, the view is more fabulous that it really is. The lake is a perfect Heart. Its so beautiful to see it, the artistry of nature, a bit of an irony too. The peak continues a bit more, but is restricted due to wild animals. But our eyes glistened thinking about the idea of trekking there. The view from the lake is astounding. Tiny houses, trees, and the breeze carried a certain fragrance of Earth! We sat mesmerized by the panoramic view of nature. Then we we had to retrace the path. We climbed down pretty faster than we were told. Then we hired a rickshaw to Meppadi. We asked around for directions and best way to reach back home. It was almost midnight when we reached back.

Osho once said that memories of the past had to be erased, because there’s a lot more adventurous, nail-biting experiences are yet to come our way.
Stay Tuned..

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