Pushpagiry-Kumaraparvatha trekking


Main attractions
Camping,View point,Standing above the cloud level,Bhattara Mane,Midnight walk to view point

Trek starting point
About 2 KM away from Kukke Subramanya Temple

Trek difficulty Level
Medium(Steep climbing,Cossing water falls)

Trek distance
Total distance:22KM
Day 1 :Starting point -Bhattara Mane(10KM)
Day 2 :Bhattara Mane- Peak (6KM)
:Peak-Beeda halli(6KM)

Required,Can be obtained on the spot from forest office near Bhattara Mane

Trekking fees
200 Rs per person

Allowed near Bhattara Mane (Allowed neither at the foothills nor on the peak)

Must Read!
*You can trek first 8KM without permission,till reaching Bhattara Mane,located at the foothills of kumaraparvatha
*Bhattara Mane is a Brahmin’s home,located 8KM inside the forest where you can get water,food,homestay service..etc.It is the first pit stop of your trekking
*A lunch from Bhattara Mane will cost around 100Rs/-.You can either prefer home stay or go for Tenting
*Do not trek with out permission from bhattara mane to Kumaraparvatha,You will be asked for receipts from the forest office at Beeda halli,We barely saved from being caught
*Carry enough water and food.Try to start trekking as early as possible
*You can have a midnight walk to the view point and enjoy the starry night
*A bus service from Beedahalli to Somvarpet is available at 4 PM

What’s wrong with us? A rhetorical question. But, seriously, what is up with Homo sapiens. The only category in the mammal family with no concern over the other. We are the new face of the universe, UGLY! The question is simple, Are we full? I guess not. The reason I’m pointing out these little feelings I’ve got lately. Politics, terrorism, communal disputes, the idea of ‘survival of the fittest’, to me it’s absurd. Deep down the anger, an explosion of humongous amount pain, I’m not happy anymore. But this journey was a lesson, the one where I figured that change in people is really chaos. Even though my urge to travel was triggered mostly due to the amount of pride I get when people see me different, now, it’s not for pride. It’s because I repent.

I’ve lost hope on mankind, for I’ve sinned. But I will travel. We will travel. My mind is wrapped around you.

This time, it was to Kumaraparvata. The birth place of Kumaradhara. It’s a part of Pushpagiri peak, one of the highest peaks in Karnataka. Not far from the famous temple, Kukke Subramanya, Subramanya. The temple overlooks the peak, the mist covered view is a moment of euphoria.We reached the temple at around 8, had our breakfast and then we were moving, quickly. When I just covered about half a kilometre, I noticed that the place was well placed away from the buzz of the temple, Separated from the poisoned civilization. The air was calm, blissful. To reach the starting point of the trek, we had to walk about 2 KM. Then the trek starting point is fenced by the forest department and a sign showing the norms and regulations with a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes. Don’t worry, I’ve corrected most of them. If ever you happened to see it, just remember me!

The place is warm, I mean, it’s humid as hell. You’ll need water, a lot. The trail is a 10 KM walk, which would take about 4 hours more or less. But we finished the trail in about 2 hours 45 minutes. On the way you’ll find a house(Bhattara mane),A house at the top of the hill. With families, I was in awe about their lifestyle. Pretty awesome. It’s a pit stop for many, they provide shelter, food. But we didn’t want any shelter, we had tent. We had lunch and had a nap. To my left the peak, green and beautiful. Then we put up the tent and we headed to the view point at night.

The mist was approaching us slowly, the white veil. We just couldn’t miss it at all. I stared in to the whiteness and wondered if the mist had something to say and take me away with its journey to the unknown. But this is reality. Then we headed back to our tent, had a campfire. We hardly had food supply and we saved a little for the next day. The night was cold.

The next morning we woke up and lighted the camp fire again for the heat. We wrapped our tent and then we were walking again. All the while walking, the view of the peak was right in front of us. The trail was steep, we managed to reach the Kallu chappara, the first checkpoint. Then Akshay was looking for a trail which would lead us to the top, he found none. Instead he made a new one. Sleek! It was tough at first, but the grass provided a good grip to climb. It was a detour but later we actually found the original trail.

When we reached the Almost-top, we found 4 fellow trekkers climbing down. We had a chat with them and we learned that they ascended from the other side of Pushagiri, from Somwarpet, Kodagu. The other three insisted on completing the trek in Somwarpet. I resisted at first, but who’d miss that opportunity. We had a few from the previous said trekkers. Then after walking for a while, we saw a board by the forest department. It showed directions, 2KM to Kumaraparvata (KP). Then we reached at the entrance of the forest. It was dense but different from the trek up.
We saw none on our way. We had no food, Madhu and Prinand were psyched about food. Then after walking for a while, we saw a board which showed the direction to Beeda halli 4KM. We walked and saw paths made by the forest department. It later transpired to us that we were at the end of our trek. We started seeing more and more trekkers. The one thing which struck me was that we helped them and them in return. We had no contempt for each other.
On reaching the end of the trail, we were greeted by the Forest department authority with enthusiasm, I explained to them about our journey. To reach Somwarpet, it was 26KM. We asked the guard to call for a jeep. He called for the jeep. Seeing our situation, they provided some food. We are truly, really grateful to those authorities. Thanking is the smallest possible thing we can do for them. We saw many visiting this place while on their way to Madikeri, Kodagu. They talked to us, we told about our website and they supported us. We really appreciate their support. Then this journey came to an end in a different way, always for us.

Like the word goes, “Everything has to end”, but it was not the end though.
“Stop thinking

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