Kottiyoor- Palukachi Hills Trekking

On the top of Palukachi hills
On the top of Palukachi hills

From Bangalore>Honnenahalli>Bittangala>Irutty>Chungakkunnu>Neendunokky town>Palukachi foothills
From Kochi>Kannur>Kuthuparamba>Nedumpoil>Neendunokky town>Palukachi foothills

Main attractions
Scenic hillocks,Cross of St Thomas,Scattered Idols of Shiva, Parvathi, Nandikeshwara, Ayyappa and Ganapathi, Thick forests

Trek starting point
Foothills of Palukachi

Trek difficulty Level

Trek distance
Total distance:3KM (one side)

Not necessary, but required for camping

Trekking fees

Must Read
*It is likely to lose the way near the Cross of St Thomas. Remeber the statue of St Thomas facing towards the direction of your trekking route.

On the top of Palukachi hills
On the top of Palukachi hills

Palukachi hillocks are located near Kottiyoor shiva temple, known as the ‘Kashi of the South’. During the occasion of “Vaisakha Mahothsav” tens and thousands of pilgrims congregate here. On this years festival season I and my friend planned for a trekking to the less explored Palukachi hillocks of Kelakam village. At 9.30 am we reached Neendunokky, the nearest town to Palukachi. From here motorable road will take you to the starting point of the trek. With Jeeps it is possible to cover another 1.5Km of the trail. We began walking through the path adjacent to the cashew plantations. There were unburned fire crackers lying on the trail used by farmers to scare elephants.

Palukachi hills trekking trail
Palukachi hills trekking trail

The whole atmosphere was scented with ripened smell of Jack fruits. After covering a quarter distance, my friend became extremely exhausted and he gave up the trek ahead. Thereafter I had to walk alone. The good thing about solo trekking is that you will never miss anything in the forest, I mean all of your sensory organs will be alert. I spent some time at the crucifix of St Thomas by climbing rocks and clicking photos, But from here I lost the way and headed towards Santhigiri.

Cross of St Thomas at Palukachi hills
Cross of St Thomas at Palukachi hills

Fortunately I met two natives who were collecting fire woods and they directed me to right path. On the way I met a group of Sasthra Sahithya Parishath members who were on their way to the crucifix of St Thomas.

They provided water to fill in my empty bottle. The actual trek to the dense forest starts in front of the crucifix of St Thomas. On the way you will pass by a temple of a Self-styled godman and many scattered Idols of Hindu gods, most of them are damaged and found to be headless. Suddenly my eyes got attention on the coins lying above a rock. I assumed, people who had visited this place before put the coins there for the blessings of God.Being an atheist myself I took 10Rs and later gave it to the beggers at Kottiyoor temple. The final stretch of trekking trail consists of dense forests on steep terrain.

Palukachi hills
Palukachi hills

Finally the most anticipated and exhilarating view unveiled infront of me. I screamed as loud as I can..!! I was surrounded by hillocks belonging to Brahmagiri, Wayanad and Aralam Wildlife sanctuary. Unlike from our previous trekked hills there were no grasslands on the top of Palukachi, It was a kind of a rocky terrain.

Where ever we trekked there always remained the trace of Humans, Plastics. I descented with the blissfulness of completing my first ever solo trek.


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